A Blog About Bridge

Here is a blog about bridge. And of course, my life.

If it is any indication in the name of my blog, you can bet that there will be a lot of talk about playing bridge. It is my favourite pastime after all. You cannot blame me. I want to keep my mind sharp. Even if I am already retired, I still want to maintain my mental health. I owe it to myself to be in top shape. What better way to do that than to play bridge every now and then?

A blog about me and bridge

As you may have guessed, I am an old lady – by age and not by heart. I lived in Brighton all my life. This was where I grew up, met the man of my dreams, had a couple of children, and this is where I intend to spend my retirement in peace. My husband and I live in a smaller house – but that is because all our children have grown up and started their own families.

Brighton is a beautiful town and my husband and I have no intentions of living elsewhere. While I have travelled to different places because of my career, I have never pictured myself to live anywhere else. This is the happiest place to live in the UK – have you not heard?

So what do I do with my time, now that I am retired? Well, I love to play bridge – as I have mentioned. I am actually a part of the Brighton Central Bridge Club. Some of my friends joined as well and I have met new ones there.

If you did not know, the Brighton Recreation is active in their sponsorship of the Senior Adult Groups. They have programmes and activities like fitness, arts and crafts, and of course, card playing. For the sake of variety, I sometimes join their events. It is great for meeting new people. But most of the time, my friends and I play with the club that we joined.

About the website

So what else can you expect on this blog? Well, it will not entirely be a blog about bridge. It will mostly be about my life and what is happening to me. Since I love playing bridge – well, you can expect that a lot of entries will be about it.

But do not worry. I will assure you that you will learn something relevant about playing bridge as you read through my blog. I will do my best to give you tips and tricks to help you win.

There will be other things that I would like to talk about – like my friends and my fascination with online casino games. I especially love playing slot machines. I like how I get to win sometimes. Of course, I also tried playing online bridge. While it is not the same as playing in a club or with my friends, it keeps me entertained in between our scheduled meetings.

I do hope that you will stick with me throughout this blog about bridge and my life. I hope that once you are through, you will understand why I am so hooked with this game of cards.