About Brighton Central Bridge Club

I am quite thankful for the Brighton Central Bridge Club. Because of this club, my friends and I can enjoy events and facilities that allow us to play Contract Bridge.

There is nothing like playing this game traditionally with 4 players. While I sometimes play this online, I still prefer the actual game. It does not matter if I play with my friends or not. The club allows me to play with other people who are equally passionate about the game as me. It allows me to gauge how good (or bad) I am compared to the other players.

About the Brighton Central Bridge Club

The Brighton Central Bridge Club has a main objective. They intend to provide the facilities and organise the playing of Contract Bridge between members and visitors.

The club is managed by a general committee. It is usually composed of the Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and the other members. There are times that a sub-committee is formed for special purposes – which is usually decided by the general committee. The regulations are typically decided during a general meeting.

Usually, the club offers free sessions. After all, this is a part of the Lifelines charity activity for people beyond the age of 50 and above. The club owns their Bridge equipment – but they do accept donations for unwanted tables, bidding boxes, scorecards, and other bridge equipment. The activities usually happen at the Patching Lodge.

Playing bridge at the club

A typical game of contract bridge happens every Mondays (1:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon) and Tuesdays (12:30 until 3:30 in the afternoon) at the Patching Lodge. The Brighton Central Bridge Club organises these events and it is not only open for members, but also for visitors too.

If you want to join, you have to arrive 15 minutes before the game begins. This will allow the director to make the necessary arrangements. In case you do not have a partner, you can go to their website to find one. That way, you will have a partner when you get to the venue.

Usually, the game played is duplicate bridge. There is no fee to join the event. There is a coffee shop on the premises but you would have to pay for your coffee and cakes.

As you can see, the Brighton Central Bridge Club tries to be very open about their events. They also want to be as organised as possible – so you want to make sure that you register beforehand. The Tuesday events are guaranteed a partner so make sure you have one. Every event is not really that big so it is easy to get to know everyone. This is a great way to make friends and to socialise. You might want to join us in one of our events.