My Other Hobbies

While I am very enthusiastic about playing bridge, I also have other hobbies. Obviously, I cannot play bridge with my friends and club members all the time. I can play online bridge but that gets tiring too. But that does not mean I do not have other games to play online!

My casino slot games

If I am not playing online bridge, I am playing casino slot games. It can be really fun to do so! In fact, I find that it is a welcome relief from bridge. I don’t really have to think too much when I am playing slots. I just adjust the bet and click spin. As if it is not enough that I can play or hours – I also get the chance to win in the progressive jackpots. Isn’t that amazing? All of this can happen even if I am just at home.

So what are the online slots that I play with? I try to play various games but there are two that I really enjoy playing.

When Pigs Fly

This reminds me of that game that my grandkids play – Angry Birds. But this time, the spotlight is on the pigs. This game is by NetEnt and it features a pig astronaut. There are other symbols like a helmet and a rocket. When the pig launches into orbit, that triggers the bonus round where I get the chance to win big prizes.

Frozen Diamonds

I like how this game just sparkles. After all, we women love our diamonds. There is a magical vibe to the game that is mesmerizing for me. The background is a snowy plain with a bright night sky. There is even an Aurora Borealis that does its dance in the background. When you get a third consecutive win, that will trigger some free spins – which will allow you to win multipliers and other free spins.

My other hobbies

Of course, I have other hobbies that are not online. I enjoy them pretty well too.

For one, I love to garden. Actually, my husband does and I just tag along because it is a great way for us to spend time together. Our garden is really beautiful. We love to care for it and putter around to make sure the blooms and plants are healthy.

I also find myself walking every now and then. It is just so peaceful and I get to think and ponder about life. My thoughts sometimes get too deep but it is refreshing nevertheless. There are times when I am content walking around the park or along the beach. I like the fresh breeze and the comforting sounds of nature.

Finally, I also love baking. I have always loved baking. Where do you think my daughter got the idea to open her own bakery? I’d like to think that I imparted the love for baking to her. We have spent countless times in the kitchen while she was growing up. I am happy that her bakery is doing very well.

I like to try to experience new things – but mostly, these are the other hobbies that are keeping me busy when I am not playing bridge. It is a great way to pass the time – and have some exercise as well.