What About Playing Bridge Online?

Have you ever tried playing bridge online? I have and I actually enjoy it. Although it is not the same as playing bridge with the club or with my friends, it is still a great way to practise my skills. If I feel like I am slipping in my weekly bridge games, I try to go online to practise. What is great about it is there are several levels of difficulty that I can try. I play with the computer, of course, and it allows me to try different strategies and techniques to win the game.

The first time I played bridge online

I remember the first time I tried playing bridge online. It was a rainy afternoon and I was not doing anything. I was planning on inviting my friends to play bridge at home but with the pouring rain, I doubt if they would make the effort to go outside.

During the last bridge club meeting, I overheard one of the members talking about playing online. So I tried it. I searched Google for online bridge websites and the first site that I found was Bridgebase.com. I clicked on the link and started playing. It was actually a great experience. I learned a lot and the other websites that I tried even had some tips. The thing was, I was used to play casino online. Playing slots online and then trying bridge online wasnt that huge of a leap. Because I’m half Norwegian I like to find really nice casino free spins promotion on FreeSpinsKasino.net, a norwegian site. But brige is far much more fun, I must say.

I can honestly credit playing bridge online for helping me improve my skills. Even my friends noticed the difference. What is great about playing online is that I do not have to go anywhere. I can start playing anytime and I do not have to wait for anyone. When I am bored, this is something that can really keep me entertained.

Sites to use to play online bridge

So what are the different sites that I have used to play bridge online? Here are three of them.


This is the first website that I played in and I find myself coming back for more. I like that this website has a huge international community. It allows me to play with some of them. Of course, I also have the option to play with the AI – on different levels. There are also other types of bridge to play with – like rubber and duplicate bridge.


This is another website that I use when playing bridge online. The site will allow you to play bridge for free. You usually play with the computer – both as opponent and partner. Here you can try different strategies that you can implement in a real bridge game.


What I like about this website is that you can do more than just play bridge. You can also learn a lot of tips and tricks. There are interactive lessons that will teach you a thing or two about playing bridge. It is a great way to learn something new. I can say I have learned quite a bit from this site.

If you ever plan on playing bridge online, you can try your luck with any one of these websites. You will really learn a lot.